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ISIS has no mercy for children who love Jesus

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Some of the bravest martyrs this generation may ever know are teenagers—and perhaps even younger. When Islamic State militants threatened four children in Iraq—all under the age of 15—with death if they did not promise to follow Islam’s “prophet” Muhammad, … Continue reading

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Belief in God and denial of evolution appropriate for kids? Bill Nye says no

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Are we harming our children if we take them to church and teach them that God created the heavens and the earth? Bill Nye thinks so. Is denial of the THEORY of evolution unique to the United States? Bill Nye … Continue reading

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Matthew 18: Jesus Loves the Little Children

Jesus loves the little children and is not really too happy with those who don’t. I wrote a similar article to this a few months ago and couldn’t resist posting this one by author Grant Phillips. Jesus does indeed have … Continue reading

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Mali: Saving the Kids will take more than mosquito nets

  “If we can save just one life, it’s worth the effort.” Some famous person just said that recently, but many famous and not-so-famous people have said similar things many times in situations for various reasons. What if we could … Continue reading

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Millstones: God will protect the children

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Sorry about the sordid thoughts that come with the following topic. Those called and chosen to defend the young child stand with the mighty angels of God, who has given angels for their protection. When the unfortunate happens, it’s not … Continue reading

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