1.618: The World’s Most Mysterious Number, Bunny Rabbits and the Ratio Between Everything


Have you ever heard of the divine number?

1.618 = Phi = a mathematical key to beauty.

Unbelievable!!! Too amazing to be true and yet it is.

I was recently drawn to a fascinating article and a series of videos that referred to this mysterious ‘divine number.’

I have heard of it before but never spent the time to look into it further. Now I have and I am amazed again at the symmetry and mystery of life and the Creator.

The divine number connects art, mathematics, reproduction, architecture, astronomy, creation and bunny rabbits into a mysterious puzzle that has intrigued the greatest minds of history.

Yes bunny rabbits.

Leonardo Fibonacci observed the reproduction rates of bunny rabbits and made a discovery that revealed something truly amazing.

The mystery had been noticed before but not until Fibonacci; a mathematician; watched some bunny rabbits did the mystery have a name.

I’m not a mathematician. I can add two and two, but after that I need to use my fingers and toes. When I came across long division in school it was then that I realized I should quit school and escape to the woods, for surely I would never succeed in school if I had to understand such complicated things.

Well I was fortunate to have a friend who did understand it and he helped me get a passing grade. The woods would have to wait a little longer for me to explore their wonder.

As I progressed in school I continued to fight through math and I learned to appreciate the necessity of mathematics and see how it helped to land a man on the moon and to prove the impossibility of evolution. (Of course that’s a whole other story.)

The number I refer to is also called the divine ratio, the golden ratio, silver ratio, golden ratio base or the Fibonacci numbers.

I will show you what I mean because I would never be able to explain it.

Watch the videos below and be amazed.




Clay Writer

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Clay Writer here; Made of dirt and water (clay) Declaring the plain truth of God's Word.
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8 Responses to 1.618: The World’s Most Mysterious Number, Bunny Rabbits and the Ratio Between Everything

  1. 1.314 = PI ??
    Ok got it (thanks wiki) shame on me !

  2. edgarone2 says:

    Hi Doug,
    Since I read about Fibonacci numbers I became fascinated about its presence in nature. Thank you for your blog.

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  4. bobby90247 says:

    “Phi” very cool!

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