Shifting Focus

Wings of the Dawn

June 13, 2013

Storms raged yesterday. Peace and tranquility greeted me on my walk this morning. I headed out early to catch the sunrise. My heart petitioned my Father to bless me. He did. Heavy dew and left over rain mingled with beams of sunlight in the open field. Rays of light, after having traveled close to 93 millions miles through space, threw the darkness out and started to feed nature around me with energy.

I stood in awe and wanted to capture those beautiful moments. I pulled the camera out and started to focus on the trees. Then I noticed the grass and how each blade was still hanging on to the heavy dew. It only took a push of a button to change focus. Looking at the same objects, in the same position, exposed to the same light, but with a different focus, I took the second shot.June 13, 2013

“Abba, help me…

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