“It is well, it is well” said the Shunamite woman 2 Kings 4:8-37

Ancient Paths

It is well! It is well! שָׁלוֹם shalowm

How could she have said “It is well” when it wasn’t?!? Her only son had just died in her arms, yet she spoke not a word about it. “It is well, it is well” were the only words she said as she ran to the prophet Elisha.

  Lately, the words of the Shunamite ring in my ears; “It is well, it is well”. All week I’ve heard them and decided to dive into the story of this interesting Shunamite woman. 

    A few things in the story of the Shunamite woman stand out to me.  

  1. The way she told everyone “it is well” when it really wasn’t,
  2. 2 different people running or going somewhere quickly – without slowing down, they did not stop and say hello to others, nor did they allow themselves to get distracted – running with a message or matter.

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